Some things can wait. Rethinking the term: later.

by Social BIz Solutions

Some things can wait. Rethinking the term: later. CC by Social BIz Solutions

It wasn’t that long ago when we could wait till we got home to check if someone had called. We could relax and spend time focusing on the task at hand without any interference. Life was still complicated but the urgency was different. Now, everything seems to have to be tended to right there and then. Later is a foreign word left for the lazy.

This urgency we feel to be connected, to want results now, has made us forget that some things should and could be left for later. Deciding what can wait is not so hard but we are now inside the spinning wheel and can hardly tell or understand the term “later.” In fact, we feel guilty if we don’t respond to an e-mail ASAP.

Later, doesn’t have to mean: procrastination. It can mean that we can better handle that e-mail at a quieter time without crazy disruptions. We need to reinvent the word “later” and what it means to us today. It might mean that to truly focus and give it our all we should wait. Rushed e-mails may be full of mistakes and promises we can hardly keep.

Let’s vow to give ourselves some more time to think, to do one thing at a time and value every interaction when it is appropriate to us.

Some things can wait, as a heat attack from so much rushing.



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