Self-respect: self-love.

by duncan

Sel-respect: self-love. CC by duncan

We spend our lives comparing ourselves to others and thus we come to hate ourselves. We dislike our hair, our legs, our faces, our age, our behavior. We berate ourselves according to how we think we should be. We allow what others think of us to ruin our already damaged self-image.

Allowing what others think of ourselves and promoting our own self-hate will only keep us feeling miserable. And as Wayne Dyer says: we become a burden to others since we rely so much on their approval.

The only way to respect ourselves and become that strong person we so admire, is by loving ourselves and accepting our imperfections, as much as what we may find the hardest; seeing all the beauty in ourselves. Let’s accept that we have qualities as well, and that we don’t need other people’s constant validation to be complete.

And don’t allow the past to dictate who you are today. Stop the old labeling as: I’m a bad dancer or I’m a bad student. That might have been true then, but no longer applies. We can try new things based on the present and not the past. We do change. We can try again and see what happens. We are not who we where if we let go of those self-defeating labels, and we might surprise ourselves thriving doing those things we were once sure we couldn’t.

Respect yourself by loving and being you. Break free!



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