Chasing bliss.


Chasing bliss by phoenixdailyphot

When I came to at the hospital’s recovery room after my surgery, I felt elated, at peace with everything and everyone, happy and incredibly excited about life. I had never felt so well before. I wanted to feel this way forever. As I was wheeled out, I was told to be careful with my leg. No major walking or stress on it. They also suggested I take painkillers and I almost refused. I couldn’t imagine feeling any pain ever again.

Unfortunately the extraordinary blissful feelings wore off and I was back to myself. Not unhappy, but wishing I could feel as I did after the surgery. This is when I fully understood how people become instantly addicted to heroin with just one hit. Unfortunately that bliss wears off and you are left seeking that same feeling which will probably tragically end in death by overdose.

Chasing bliss comes at a price.


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