Finding answers in unexpected places.

Books and answers

Finding answers in unexpected places CC photo by ~Brenda-Starr~

You spend years trying to figure out the answer to a question or a situation and you finally find it in the most unexpected place. At the end all you needed was a little patience and time. That time we now think we don’t have because we want it all “yesterday.”

Let it be and somewhere, some time, it will come to us. At least that’s what I’ve learned. My answer came after “friending,” someone, which took me to his book, which allowed me to find myself in a character, which led to my writing to him and after a couple of texts about the character I was interested in, I finally got my answer. An answer I had been beating myself up with. Now, I can rest in peace and accept that I am human and didn’t make a mistake. I just allowed life to unfold and gave into to it.

Patience and allowing the past to settle, brings you all the answers. In my case, I got that I am only human.

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