What nobody should live without.



What nobody should live without by Pia Kristine

Looking around you’ll notice that many of the things you own are not that essential, and you could easily do without them. Of course, we can always find an excuse to call a “want” a “need,” as I often do. Many of the things we think we need only serve to overcrowd our lives. However, there are things we shouldn’t do without for the betterment of our overall well-being and happiness. It should come as no surprise that the five things nobody should do without are, in fact, not “things” at all.

I once downsized from a regular apartment with all amenities to a flat that lacked warm running water and had a kitchen with no refrigerator or stove. To add to the troubles, the lighting started to go a few months in. I learned to make do as I got used to those inconveniences — and understandably so, seeing as I was only paying $70 per month for rent! This was an invaluable learning experience that helped me appreciate not only what I have, but the things I can do without.

The things no human being should do without to lead a happy existence have nothing to do with thematerial world.

Here are the top five things nobody should live without:

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