Life owes us nothing.

We often feel entitled to certain things, making it difficult for us to live and accept our fates. Life is a gamble where we are given our own chips to play. We win and lose, but we really shouldn’t complain if the outcome is not of our liking. If we do, well, we will suffer more than those who are more accepting and ready to move on to the next thing.

Of course, I complain, as everyone does, but there comes a point when complaining gets old and becomes a waste of time and energy. Playing that blame game takes away our responsibility and keeps us stuck.

Life is not fair. The sooner we grasp this truth, the happier we will be. If we have nobody to blame and no grudges to hold  we become responsible for our lives and are free to live, keep on going and not allow the past to hold us back.

We owe ourselves the chance to own up to our responsibility in whatever befalls us so that we can change it and move on.  Crying and complaining takes us nowhere.

We are ultimately responsible for what we do with what life throws our way. Forget the: Why me? Be proactive and not passive.

Simply read newspaper headlines and that sense of entitlement will dissolve.

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