Are you over 45?

by jo-marshall (was Jo-h)

Over 45 by jo-marshall (was Jo-h)

I recently read a very funny article on the telling signs that you are over 40. But in my book, 40 is still close enough to 39 that it gets grandfathered (or is it grandmothered?) into the 30s. But 45? Now that’s a game changer. So here goes my take on the 25 most telling signs that you are over 45:

1. You drop something and you look around for someone younger and more agile to bend down and pick it up for you.

2. You do a double take in the mirror and make sure that woman staring back at you is really you.

3. What you think you can do and what you can actually do physically don’t match…like jumping over a fence when you left your keys inside the house!

4. A “night out” sounds exhausting instead of fun.

5. You go clothes shopping and are thankful for dimly lit dressing rooms.

Read whole article at MAMIVERSE

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