The power of a smile.

by rkleine

The power of s smile by rkleine


You won’t catch me without a smile if we happen to meet. I am one of those people who, if I don’t smile, look extremely worried and stern, it has something to do with bone structure, I suppose. I’ve even had homeless people in the streets of San Francisco tell me: “Smile, it can’t be so bad,” very humbling, indeed. Of course, we can’t all walk around with a smile with no motive at all, we would be taken for loonies! Yet, I can’t fathom meeting someone and not smiling genuinely. Fortunately, it comes naturally for me, and I’ve realized what a powerful and valuable asset an honest smile is, emotionally, physically and socially.

Smiles are disarming and infectious. Have you tried being with a child and not smiling with them? You can’t because kids smile a lot and you can’t resist mirroring their happy faces. People who smile make you feel welcome, at ease and they boost your mood. You can’t be enthusiastic without a smile! Charming people, who are often smiling, usually get what they want. The energy a smile carries can disarm you in such a way that you may fall victim to a smiley scam artist or even buy a car because the salesperson is so amazingly warm and smiley! So, beware AND take note! You could smile your way into a new job or other opportunities!

Here are some reasons why smiles are the key to happiness:

Smiles relax and comfort people

When I teach Spanish to beginners, I am well aware that these professionals who might be CEO’s, doctors or from any other high standing professional background, feel extremely shy, self-conscious and tense learning something new. The only way to break them of this and make them feel at home and at ease is to welcome them with a smile and a few warm laughs. This way, they can laugh at me and at themselves and then be open to learn without fear. It works. The class becomes a safe, warm environment for these professionals to learn without feeling threatened. It’s hard to sit in a class that first day with total strangers and not control the situation as they do in their regular jobs. A welcoming smile is good for any business, but it only works when it’s truly genuine.

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