Those days that suck the life out of you.

Those days that suck by ycc2106

Those days that suck by ycc2106

There are days when you see your life as a bystander and ask yourself if this is the life chose. As the day progresses the cloud follows you and you can’t seem to shake that feeling of meaninglessness. You want to escape it but can’t. It seems forever to finally get home and hide under the covers, hoping tomorrow will bring clear skies and a more optimistic outlook. 

And it happens, the next day, as to compensate, life seems to regain its meaning, and enthusiasm and hope replace that helpless sinking feeling of doubt.

Why do we sink into these quicksands of desperation? When we are suddenly hit by a wall and can’t seem to move beyond?

We all have these moments, these questions, these doubts. We all have days that suck but hopefully as long as we acknowledge that these feelings are not permanent, everything will be OK.

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