Valentine’s Day: That dreaded date.

by chucknado

Valentine’s Day: That dreaded date by chucknado

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many feel the excitement of celebrating their love and emotional fulfillment, while others begin to feel the pangs of loneliness creep up.

Some grieve a loss, a broken heart, a relationship gone sour or are merely alone with nobody to complete them. We can hold on to the thought that this day is just a gimmick, a sales pitch to get us to spend more money. Yet, this is no comfort for others. Some of us still feel lousy on this, the most romantic day of the year.

It is an especially hard day to make it through for the lonely hearted who have to survive not only the day itself, but the month leading up to it. How can you not feel left out or alone when every store and commercial is shouting at you: Who’s your valentine? Or when a well-meaning friend or colleague asks you what your plans are? Do you answer: “Nobody loves me, I’m alone on Valentine’s Day”? And it only gets worse. The day itself, from beginning to end, is a constant reminder that: YOU ARE ALONE! From the flowers being delivered at the office to the chocolate displays at the grocery store check-out line, you can’t escape it!

Some suffer this day silently, maybe curled up on the sofa getting drunk and singing, “All by myself,” a la Bridget Jones. While this may be exaggerated, it’s somehow understandable that a single someone would do this. This date is the most revealing, making us feel most vulnerable. If you don’t have a love recipient on Valentine’s Day of all days, you feel like a pariah and the whole world is suddenly made aware of your singledom.

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