New year, fresh start.

New year, fresh start by joka2000

New year, fresh start by joka2000

We want to make a fresh start, although life is a continuous line with actually no real break in time. Yet, this “New Year benchmark” provides us with an excuse to believe and hope that we can change something and do those things that haven’t worked in the past differently.

Habits are hard to break, we all know that. But that little spark of hope a new year brings, may make our hearts beat in anticipation and help us to take that leap to start afresh.

We can’t hope and do nothing, we have to imagine it first, see ourselves doing that which we aspire to and then, when our brains and hearts feel comfortable enough, we can gear up and set sail on a different course. It’s not easy with all our baggage, but again, nothing that is really worth it comes easy.

We need challenges to keep going, and with the new year come new goals, adventures, situations and it is within us to tackle each one as it comes differently. Take that running goal and instead of thinking about how hard it is, get those running shoes on without a thought and plunge ahead.

Make a list or not, but be sure to turn that page that will make you feel that you are on the road to becoming that person you want to be.

Happy new year!


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