What I want for Christmas and you might too!

Christmas by brockvicky

Christmas by brockvicky


Fortunately, I’ve reached that point where I have no material need or want. When all our basic needs are met, there is only longing left for those things that money can’t buy, and if we’re so lucky we can achieve them.

What I want for christmas and you might too:

  • Honest, loving relationships.
  • Quality time spent with my family and friends.
  • A work environment that fosters not only collaboration but care and camaraderie.
  • A life where that emptiness comes to visit less frequently. ie: a full life.
  • Peaceful, conflict free relationships. (Wishful thinking, but I’m almost there.)
  • Surround myself with positive people, and let go of the wet blankets.

My best to all and hope you find what you want for christmas!




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