As the end of the year approaches…

Finding balance at year's end by Kean Kelly

Finding balance at year’s end by Kean Kelly


It’s at this time when we look back and reflect upon the sum total of our gains and losses. Every year we win and we lose, and there may be a healthy balance in that.

At this time of reflexion we find ourselves fighting between the sad losses and the happy gains. What we focus on isn’t much a mater of choice, it’s about finding the balance and understanding of the total value of both. And both sides of the equation bear their own weight on our present, past and future. However, it’s our losses we have to learn to live with in order to enjoy our future and try to start with a clean slate.

It’s also a question of perspective. Nothing is that bad or that good. Without one you can’t have the other. Once we accept our losses, it becomes easier to enjoy the gains every year brings.

This year was a year of loss, material and personal, but the gains were immense. The lessons have outweighed the losses because I chose to keep going for a while without looking back. I’m not bankrupt this year, I have my healthy balance of both loss and gain, and I welcome both. I hope you do too.

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