Live with the curiosity of a child.

The curiosity of a child

The curiosity of a child.

I look at this picture of myself and I can’t help feeling a bit sad. At the time the picture was taken I can only guess I was discovering life everyday. Little did I know then that life wouldn’t be easy. I look at her and feel extremely sorry, but again, it brings me hope that I haven’t lost that curiosity and naiveté.

I’m still curious about life. It hasn’t beaten me hard enough to kill the thrill and excitement I look forward to everyday.

I used to be angry at how naive I am, allowing myself to fall into things out of curiosity. But life without curiosity and dare is a kind of death.

I’ve changed, because life changes us blow-by-blow, but some things remain unchangeable, and no matter how much I’ve suffered for being so gullible and curious, I’m glad I still live, as that child, expectant and excited, waiting for the next extraordinary discovery the day may bring.

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