Saying you are sorry is not enough.

You can’t go around saying you are sorry and leaving it at that. People need to know that you feel genuinely sorry by admitting and taking responsibility for the hurt you caused. We are taught that as kids, but when we grow up we either forget, or just become accustomed to saying we are sorry solely to get out of the pinch, to get it over with and get on with lives.

We can’t go around hurting people and not let them know how sorry we feel for the hurt we caused. If we don’t feel a thing, it’s best to walk away and never come back. But we can’t expect to stay as if nothing had ever happened.

Saying please and thank you are two of the most important words in our vocabulary, and a third would be: I’m sorry. The former two can be left as-is, but the later must be accompanied by an explanation that shows how much you care, respect and understand the other person.

I feel sorry for many things I did in the past, but I feel even more sorry for the times I didn’t get to really explain why I felt that way out of respect and compassion for the other person.

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