A tiny reason to live…

There is always a will...by camknows

There is always a will…by camknows

We need a reason, a “why”, a pull to get through life or simply one day. When life seems to conspire against us, we need to find it in us to keep going and stop fixating on the dark abyss which seems to loom ahead. 

Any reason is good. Some have kids, families who depend on them, and that is reason enough. But for those who don’t feel that responsibility, the “why” gets a bit trickier.

They say life is short but some days feel damn long and endless when everything seems to be crumbling. Life takes a domino effect turn and there seems to be no stopping it. It’s at these times when giving up feels just right. Giving into depression and simply staring at the dark hole that pulls you inevitably and gradually in, is an option.

But we can’t give up and shouldn’t. Life is a game in which we all lose. We are given random cards, we play and keep betting till we lose it all. Untill then, we have to patiently wait our turn. So, keep betting. At least we are playing and not just waiting on standby.

Sometimes we just need one tinny reason to get us through the day and that’s enough time to find another one the very next day. Any reason will do. Even in the worst of conditions there is always a hidden will to keep breathing.

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