Finding peace through pictures.

 Finding peace in pictures by •Saif•

Finding peace through pictures by •Saif•

It’s true that a picture can capture what words can’t. I love browsing through pictures. At the end of a long day when I am too tired, too sad, or too anxious, I find solace and peace by browsing through photographs. I might type my mood in a search engine and find images that express what I’m feeling. If I’m sad I’ll find something that helps me be more in touch with my feelings.  I can actually see beauty in what I’m feeling, which in turn makes me feel calm and at peace. It’s O.K. to feel this way. I don’t need to escape it.

Browsing through pictures is therapeutic. Images can change your mood and your thoughts. At least this is what I get out of this new practice. Just like with music which catches the rhythm of your heart, so do images.

Try it. Find solace and peace through thought-provoking images.



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