Don’t assume too much…

 Don't highersights

Don’t assume…by highersights

If there is a lesson I’ve learnt these last couple of months, is not to assume too quickly. I’m fast to press the trigger, I know. I may assume people are on my same page, I assume people are honest, I assume people understand where I’m coming from and a whole lot of more assumptions that often slap me in the face and teach me yet another lesson: humility and caution.

I don’t know as much as I think I know. Yet somehow I believe I’m right when I’m dead wrong. The older we get,  the more set and inflexible we become in our ideas and beliefs. We become lazy, and make assumptions about other people and things.

Becoming less critical and assuming less, we become more open to the truth. Not our own, but other’s truths. We are able to wait until we know all the facts and then we can proceed, always with caution, and with all the information we can gather. My imagination runs rampant and I can create my own crazy version of reality. Giving ourselves a waiting period and investigating the truth behind what we believe, clears the way to not only understanding, but to becoming more open-minded, humble and allowing room to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Assuming less and finding out the “real story,” before we jump to conclusions, will spare us a lot of grief, not all, but some. It’s worth a try…

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