Our anchors

Our anchors by light_arted

Our anchors by light_arted


I was surprised to hear a friend I admire greatly for his strength and integrity, that he has this quirk he uses to feel anchored in tough situations. It’s just a gesture you would hardly notice, but it helps him keep his cool. I too have my own anchors to get me through tough times as probably we all do or should.

We all need some kind of anchor, a place, a person, a quirk that makes us feel safe. Whatever helps us feel right and centered.

My anchors vary from behavioural quirks to activities and people. When life seems to spin way too fast for me to catch my breath, I need to retreat and go back to a safe place. To gain perspective, to remove myself from whatever might be driving me crazy at the time.

We hardly choose our anchors, they come to us. Just as an automatic response I’ve picked up. When I’m feeling stressed or lonely, my hand goes straight to my heart and I start breathing more slowly. This simple act calms me.

Two years ago, I retreated to my nieces side. I got lost in their world, and felt safe again. They grounded me and helped me heal from the strain I was going through. Spending time with them, lost in their precious worlds, made my problems fade.

You know what grounds or anchors you when you feel safe, calm and yourself again.

What anchors you? What keeps you from loosing it?

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