A life of boring predictability.

Try something new, atrphoto

                 Try something new by atrphoto

We play fortune-tellers and try to cover all the holes in the sieve before the water even starts pouring through. Control: that is the problem. We want to control everything by settling for a predictable life even if the boredom kills us.

From a life of total predictability, control and habit, I went to a life of uncertainty. Suddenly everything shifted, I lost my ground, control, and that comfortable, I admit, boring predictability. I realized how stagnant that place had become, leaving no room for growth.

Predictability can kill your dreams, hopes and enthusiasm. It works for a while, but as life moves on, we need that jump-start, that change, that little earthquake that imbalances and unsettles our lives.  And while we wait for the dust to settle so we can go back to that controlled and predictable life, sometimes we just can’t, shouldn’t, and if we are lucky, we seize the opportunity and don’t even want to go back to that place at all.

A predictable life has its advantages and its own time, but to grow we need to expand, try new things, and learn to live outside our comfort zone.

Get out there, live, explore and allow yourself the adventure of the unexpected and unpredictable.

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