Making friends with your neurosis.

Discovering the lighter side of neurosis by Mar.tin

Discovering the lighter side of neurosis by Mar.tin

I can’t change the fact that I suffer certain neuroses. For years I fought them, hated them and wanted to change ever so badly. I thought I could overcome them overnight, but that was wishful thinking. I hated myself for being the way I was.

My take was all wrong. I was to actually accept and make friends with my neuroses. First, I read all about them, got diagnosed and found the brighter side of each one. In a way I learnt to come to love those parts of me that made my life a tad difficult.  I learnt to navigate the rough tides and get to safe shores without screwing up too badly.

Once I understood my neuroses, and accepted that they would be part of me for life, I found ways to not endure them, but use them to my advantage.

My humble how-tos

My attention span is short, so now I find healthy ways to work with it. Since I know I get bored pretty easily, I only do things I am passionate about. Therefore in constant search of something meaningful.

I’m also pretty obsessive. Now I obsess about things that are productive, such as work, exercise or a hobby.

Pangs of loneliness have always haunted me. To keep that emptiness from taking over and clouding my spirit, I have taken to listening to music whenever I am alone while walking along a street, ridding a bus or plain running.

I also talk things out openly and make light of my conditions. This makes me feel more accepted by others as well as myself. I don’t feel so weird when I can share my neurosis with friends and laugh about them.

You are not alone. If you suffer neurosis of any kind, look for ways that work for you to manage and enjoy a full life with what you have.

One thought on “Making friends with your neurosis.

  1. A Well Styled Life

    I suffer from many! We’re all human. I love your constructive solutions.My attention span is horrible and I joke about being a little ADD, but it really does bother me.I know I need to focus on just what I’m passionate about, but I’m obsessive too. Double whammy! I need to see what I can come up with for me.
    So nice to find you! Have a great weekend.

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