E-mails not worth reading.

E-mails that belong to the trash by Sasa Stefanovic

E-mails that belong to the trash by Sasa Stefanovic

There are e-mails not worth reading. Those from ghosts of the past that contribute nothing to your life or well-being. Now that we are so connected we have to choose which e-mails are worth answering, those to be discarded and not read and those for safekeeping. 

The ones for safe keeping are those from friends and family, those that made you smile. Keeping them as you would pictures in an album, so we can go back and reread, bringing back that good old warm feeling.

E-mails to discard: Are those which serve only one purpose, painfully reliving a past to be forgotten, erased and not worth going back to. Besides those which are spam and should be discarded the same way. With a good filter they will never make their way to your inbox.

Not worth reading: There are those which belong to someone who is no longer in your list of “worthy” people. I have decided not to answer those that are a waste of emotional time and energy. I have overcome my curiosity and allow them to sit there unopened, until I can send them to the trash. This is not easy, but it does serve as a tool to practice self-control and in some cases self-respect.

So, choose wisely and don’t waste time with those e-mails that belong to the trash.

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