When something breaks, let it be.

Let it be...By AlejandroLinaresGarcia

Let it be…By AlejandroLinaresGarcia

Sometimes it’s best to wait it out and not try to fix it. For years I had this nagging feeling that I was supposed to fix everything and everyone. In time, after much disillusionment I came to terms with accepting my inability to do so. I tried so hard to fix, help and mend relationships that I lost myself. 

When we try to fix other people’s problems or something outside ourselves, in reality it’s our ego making us believe we are all-powerful. Yet, we can only control that which is within us. The most we get out of meddling in other people’s business is frustration. We aren’t them, we can’t think for them. We come from completely different backgrounds and walk along completely different paths.

We can fix no one but ourselves. We have to look within and be honest and humble enough to acknowledge this truth. We are imperfect beings who can only answer for ourselves. We can, though, help them by listening to them and allowing them to fix their own problems. Be the shoulder they need, the hug, the friend, without being judgemental. Allow life to follow its course, allow them to be themselves.

Let go of trying to control everything and everyone, and you will not only feel at peace, but become more attuned with the natural order of things.



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