Missing someone…

I'm not alone...

I’m not alone…


How can you miss someone you have barely spent 1% of your life with? Someone so far removed, but yet so close? You can, believe me, it is all about the role they played, and how they touched your life. 

My life has been marked by loss, not so much by death, fortunately, but by the people who have come and gone, entering and exiting as if through a revolving door. I know I am not alone in this. Life is a constant series of losses, and you’d think we’d grow accustomed to them, accept them and keep going. But it’s not that easy.

People come into our lives and become part of  who we are, whether they stay or leave. Only when they are gone do you cherish the time spent. Time fades the past, slowly, very slowly. One day you wake up and forget to miss that someone. They become a mere anecdote, yet they shaped you in some sublte way.

We will miss people, we will feel a deep painful loss, but time does heal and patch up the tears. Hope, patience, and the inevitable passing of time will wash away that empty feeling left by those who are now gone.


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