Why a cookie made my day


The little things that make our day are not the ones we expect them to be. They are the unselfish little acts of kindness that come our way, that surprise us, and warm our hearts. The ones in life which bring us happiness, and not those we think we need to make us happy. Life and people surprise us in good and bad ways, but if you think about  the happiest and most rewarding moments in your life, you’ll probably come up with a list of small things that had nothing to do with success or material gains, but those little surprising gestures.

The other day, my day was made by a cookie! A student brought me a cookie from his favorite bakery. I was surprised and  touched. You might think: “But it’s just a cookie!” True, yet, this person had to go to the shop, think of me, and get the cookie. He wanted to express his friendship and thoughtfulness. He did! It made my day!

Being thought of even in the smallest ways, and being acknowledged is uplifting. We all want to feel somewhat important to people. We want to know people care and think about us. When someone does something for us, we should consider what made them do it, what did it take? Even a small act as shooting  a picture of something we like, and then relaying it via text message with a “Hey, this reminded me of you!” is very thoughtful and kind.

If you knew how happy these little acts make people feel, you’d probably get hooked, and try harder to be more thoughtful. This, I intend to do every day. It’s  the small things that matter. Let’s not get lost in the big stuff. Let’s pay more attention to detail, and strive to make people’s day, in small-big ways!

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