Valentine’s Day Hangover! The Day After.

The remnants of the Oneras

The remnants of the day…by Oneras

Ladies and gentlemen, you can finally relax! This is good news for those who have endured the weeks before the sweet and sour date. Now, you can go back to a gentler type of hopeful living. No more angst, hope, fear, regret, feelings of inadequacy, loneliness and the heart-sinking feeling of unfulfilled expectations. This is actually a relief!

The day after Valentine’s Day, for some, is like overcoming a hangover. With so much drumming on the same subject for weeks, some suffer the remnants of the day as if they had been run over by a truck, or have to come to terms with the disappointment. Those who say they didn’t expect anything, when they did. Those whose partner let them down. Those who were still getting over that ex and hoped, as in Hollywood movies, they would come back knocking at their door, telling them how wrong they were to have left. Now it’s time to get over the emotional roller coaster.

This is the time to hope again. To come to terms with the fact that people let you down, that there is someone for you out there, that you have to love yourself first before you let someone back in, that each person has their way of expressing their love for you that is different from what you expect.

Get over the hangover by readjusting your expectations without letting go of hope. A date can’t determine your life, your self-worth, or someone else’s.

The good news is that there are many more days ahead to love and be loved, in the manner and way you deserve.

Enjoy the rest of your days but love yourself first! Happy Valentine’s Day hangover!

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