While I grieved I forgot…

While I grieved I forgot others who are still alive and important in my life. I focussed on my loss, my pain and allowed this to fog my days. I have held to that loss with a strong grip and remained focused on it as if letting it go or connecting with others would in some way distract me and dishonor my grandmother. And I forgot that other’s also need care.

Now, as the year ends, and I count my losses, I also sit here counting my blessings. I lost my grandmother but met amazing people. I have a job that makes me extremely happy. I have friends and family who care and need me as much I need them.

Let’s allow grief to take its course without forgetting those who are still with us. Let’s celebrate the life we still have and make the most of it. Let’s grieve but remember we are not the only ones who have lost someone.

Grief may have its cycles, but we can also break the cycle and make it more livable by taking those baby steps that will allow us to join the living.


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