Reconciling ourselves with the truth of life

Whoever told us that life would someday be perfect and easy? That we would find happiness and stay there? That there is a special someone for every one of us? That we would reach that moment where we would be content? Nobody and everyone. Because happiness has become a business and an unachievable longlasting state. All we can do really is reconcile ourselves with the truths of life, accept them and not fight them.


  1. There is no happily ever after.
  2. There is pain preceded by a few moments of joy if we are lucky.
  3. We are imperfect human beings who might never meet our match.
  4. People will break our hearts and every single time the recovery will be tough and might last a lifetime.
  5. Life is a continuous series of losses we will learn to endure but never forget. The hole left will always be there.
  6. Nobody will love us the way we want and need, and it’s OK.
  7. We will often feel lonely and lost.
  8. There is no right way to end a relationship. It will always hurt.
  9. Our dreams and hopes will be constantly challenged and will often be let down because we put so many expectations on how we’d like things to play out.
  10. Life is not fair all the time. More often than not, it’s not.

And more… but still, life can be beautiful once we reconcile ourselves with the truths and not allow them to chip away our souls.

2 thoughts on “Reconciling ourselves with the truth of life

  1. bohemianbabushka

    Wow and Woah. And a great big Eso Mismo! Life is all that, and well worth living as long as you are accepting of it. BB’s view? Life, JU SO FONII!!!

    Abrazotes a las hermanas

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