Appreciating my ex-husband after trying online dating

There is nothing like trying something new to realize what you had. While it is true that the love between my ex and I was gone after 17 years, and it was a wise decision to break off the marriage, now after dating a dude I met on a dating site, I realize that it’s not so easy to find someone who will respect and accept you just as you are.

Last Sunday I had a chat with my bestie and our conversation was a real reality check and a wake-up call. As I recounted my latest affair, she told me something that was so true; just because the dude thought I was all wrong and broken, and needed to change, I didn’t necessarily have to. My husband loved me for many years just as I was. With all my quirks and baggage. He tried to change nothing about me and that is rare. So, as I move on, I’m now fully aware that I may not be everyone’s cup of tea but that doesn’t mean I’m totally flawed. I won’t take to heart what someone I saw less than a dozen times told me I had to change, making me feel completely unlovable.

I’m shy and I will always be. I over think, and I always will… We love, as is, imperfections as well as the amazing qualities a person has. I would never try to change anyone either. So, I’m OK with what transpired in that affair, but now instead of heartbroken, I’m inspired and even more grateful for the people who love me just as the way I am.

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