Running and exercising keeps sanity in check

I started exercising at an early age, thanks to my father who always pushed us to do so. He ran, weight lifted, rode his bike, went to the gym and loved hiking. He still walks around for hours and I can barely keep up, but he inspired me to follow his steps and made exercise an important part of my life. It was and isn’t about keeping up the physique because as we know, there is so much we can do at a certain age. I’m 52 and well aware that at this point I do it for my sanity and wellbeing. Bodies change, aches happen and while our bodies go through changes and start to crumble, it becomes more about feeling mentally healthy and physically able to keep going.

I started running though, when I moved to the bay area, Madrid wasn’t a running friendly city. Watching people run when I lived next to the park made me want to join them and I did. I racked many miles almost 5 times a week and I needed it for my mental sanity. It also helps one’s self-esteem. Being able to run 4 – 10 kilometers, while for some is not a lot, for me, it was a great challenge. However, as my job changed I was unable to find the time or energy. Also, all my recent moves made it difficult to start a routine, every day was different and I wasn’t all that enthused by it anymore, so I hit gyms, any gyms to get a bit of the emotional lift.

Today I ran again, against what a colleague said: “At our age, we can have a heart attack in doing so. But, I enjoy it and rather die doing something I like, than sitting around and have one anyway. The odds at this time are practically the same, so I choose to keep going.

Today, I needed that run. I felt good already but needed to feel even better, alive and on the move. My brain needs the thrill especially when running alone. I did it after I met a friend, and it was the perfect ending for the day.

Now I feel energized and ready to keep this practice going. I run for my sanity, my anxiety and to collect my thoughts so I can face a new day without fear.


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