Two expressions that we shouldn’t allow in our vocabulary

Although “I wish” and “If only” are rarely part of my vocabulary, sometimes, when I stop to think, damn brain, I wish I could store certain feelings in a little box, hide them away and come back to them at a later date when I no longer care. Also adding an expiration date at the bottom of the box so I would know when it was safe to open, and then laugh, as usually happens when you look back at circumstances after a long time.

I don’t have regrets, I learned that from my grandmother. She made sure I accepted what was, and once done, it was over. Never look back and cry over something you cannot change and neither should.

I believe that wishing we had acted or handled a situation differently is not something we should ponder. Because no matter how bad the results were, at least it was genuine. We are who we are and acted accordingly. The results are not up to us entirely.

Since I have no box, I’ll keep trying to keep looking forward, there is no other way around it. And “I wish,” and “if only,” will continue to be deleted from my vocabulary.

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