Embrace who you are

Nothing kills one’s self-esteem as rejection does. It grabs our ego and tears it to pieces, leaving us naked and vulnerable to even further pain. We start to doubt our worth, and the ability to be worthy of love, any love whatsoever. We feel fake, and somehow impostors.

It takes time to stand up again and feel human and lovable once more. We are imperfect human beings who make mistakes and have to suffer through them, learning a lesson or two, hopefully.

The only way through rejection and our hurt ego is to admit our wrongdoing, apologize and believe that although we may have hurt someone, or someone rejected us, we are not all that bad and ugly. We must embrace who we are, and love ourselves. Take care of not beating ourselves up for too long either. What’s done is done and should serve as an experience, yet another one that makes us so human.

Nobody is perfect and we are not cut out to be perfect. I’m OK with rejection as long as I remember that I am who I am and I cannot allow one incident to define me and hate myself for it.

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