Short romances are also sweet

After two years I decided it was time to look at a man and think beyond friendship. I fell head over heels to my surprise with one. It was the right time. I was ending my “forced sabbatical,” I was getting excited about life again with the prospect of a new wonderful job and a new home. I was getting a bargain! Three great things at the same time, plus a car I had finally the guts to purchase, but….the romance was short-lived, yet,  I have no regrets. It was an amazing time.

I spent too much time away for the romance to flourish and while I thought I was ready, I guess of all the four wonderful things that were happening, relationships are not my forte. So, although this was a short-lived romance it brought back the spark and love I had not experienced in a very long time. I found a safe island to love and feel loved.

I take full responsibility for the reasons why it didn’t work out,  although as the saying goes, it takes two to tango, I have to admit that I have abandonment issues stemming from childhood and still hold a strong grip in the way I relate to partners,  so it didn’t end well. The result was the end of what could have been amazing. All my fears come back full force and I ran.

Nevertheless, it was wonderful and sweet. It also gave me the drive to do things I was afraid to. I realized there are souls I can fall for out there, although I will stave off for another while. It takes a bit to get over these romances.  It’s part of life.

I may be a bit sad, but extremely grateful for having had a chance to love again.

Life does go on and we mustn’t stay stuck in what was but simply remember the good it brought and the wonderful feelings it inspired.



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