Life-work balance I don’t need

Everyone talks about life-work balance, something I personally don’t need. I’m single, have no kids and therefore, I can dive fully into my job which happens to be my passion without distractions or major commitments, besides my friendships and family. And it’s OK. There are no rules for me since I have nobody to account to but my job.

I finally have my dream job, at long last my very own home and whatever else that may follow will be welcome. In that order of importance, as I told my dad recently and he agreed, as so did my grandmother who’s walked more than a few miles on this earth and knows what’s important for someone like myself. Nobody knows us like our family does, so I listen and feel comfortable with their advice.

Now, after 5 decades, I’ve learnt what works for me, what doesn’t and I have finally mastered the art of spotting trouble and steering clear from it.

A friend said, and rightly so, that I’m the master of my boat. So true. And I plan to have my priorities in order this time, my own order. The order that works for me. Work, home and the rest. I will no longer attach myself to anyone who isn’t into me or that has no time for me. I will no longer wait, expect or depend on just anyone that comes along. I welcome company, of course, but I won’t ever settle or give up my time or passions.

After fifty, there is little time to waste or give up. My job is my balance. It’s simple. I go to work and play!

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