Change over time; 30’S into 50’s

At thirty we think we know it all, but at around 50 we realize how little we know and start to doubt what we used to believe. All we thought we knew and stood by, after all our setbacks and experiences, is challenged and we are sometimes left weary and disillusioned. We are less passionate about what we believe to be true, more cautious, less naive and opinionated. We also learn that there are no absolute truths. This last one is a precious lesson.

I’m grateful for every lesson, for every setback and even insecurity, which may still haunt me once in a while, because this is who I am today. I’m also relieved that I can have my beliefs and not have to fight to convince anyone. Everyone has their own say. Now, I listen and try to figure out where people are coming from. If they are young I see myself in them and smile, not condescendingly, but in understanding; been there, done that.

We all have our own customized lessons and paths to tread and it’s an amazing adventure!

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