I will always be there for my friends

I’ve learned the hard way that the best antidote for getting through tough times is by reaching out to family and friends. Had I not, the past two years would have been hell. Everyone I reached out to brought me calm, hope and a place to stay. This is why I will always be there for my friends even more now.

As hard as it might be for me to make that call, at the end, when I do reach out I’m greeted with words of encouragement and the love I cannot give myself in those moments. And the painful moment does pass. I’m pulled out of the dark hole and now, strongly believe that together we can all thrive. We are not isolated islands, we need of others to be there for us, especially when we are down.

The other night, a dear friend called me and asked me to stay with her, that the pain was too unbearable for her to be alone. I hopped on Lyft and made my way to her place. We cried, shared, and at the end laughed. We spent most of the next day together and by dinner, we were both happy because not only had we gotten through the storm but our own friendship became deeper.

Being there for friends, not only helps the friend in need but the person who has reached out and been there. It’s good to feel useful and know that suffering is not unique to us. By sharing our own painful stories we help others. So there is actual meaning to our own hard times, we can share our experiences and bring others hope and on the way, some laughter.

Be there for your friends. There is strength in numbers.

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