If you can imagine it, you can do it

My friend always told me that when I wanted something I should try to imagine it actually happening. Whether it was finding a job or a home. It wasn’t that easy for me because I didn’t believe I could neither change my present circumstances nor imagine anything different. Until I actually started, trying and allowing myself to imagine different possibilities. At first, I didn’t think big. I started by trying to imagine a home, with a lot of light, but small. I did get it! And I remember clearly how it looked and what I found was similar to what I had hoped for.

It also had to do with self-esteem. I had to believe I deserved it and I could actually make it happen. I’m pretty realistic, so I don’t imagine my next home to be a castle! I dream of a home with a lot of light, one bedroom that will become my happy place. So, I created a Pinterest HOME board and there I save the kind of place I’d like, adding pictures of furniture, bedding, and decor that I hope to make my happy place happen.

Not only does this practice of imagining help get what you want, but it also helps to stay positive and excited. However, being realistic is important. I’m now also in the process of imagining a life without cigarettes! Let’s see how that goes! Will keep you posted!

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