Feeling stuck? You are not alone

Many people find themselves stuck in situations they would rather break free from but can’t. For many reasons. Some situations are more difficult than others to deal with and walking away is not an option in the present circumstances. I know how it feels; like choking or drowning.

The problem is that when one feels stuck, morale runs low and it’s hard to envision a better life, better circumstances that may lie ahead. One of the side effects of feeling stuck is depression which clouds thinking and makes one believe the hole you are in is so dark that you’ll never see the way out. Helplessness is an awful feeling.

Sometimes we wait for it to pass, but after waiting too long we cease to believe it will ever get better. However, everything passes and good days can multiply and with some luck and chance, the time will come that the crouching tiger in us will make the leap into freedom and better times ahead.

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