Comcast launch of #beautifullyBilingual, a world of diversity and opportunity

Thank you to Comcast for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

At the moment I have no TV until I find my perfect home in the Bay Area. And I’m looking forward to having my own Comcast service very soon. Especially because of their recent #BeautufullyBilingual launch.

Comcast is really #BeautifullyBilingual not only because their services include lots of Spanish and English programs but because the smart voice remote can detect English, Spanish, and Spanglish! The world is certainly becoming more bilingual and Comcast is on the up and up of this changing bicultural society.


For someone like me who finds it difficult to even know how to use a remote, voice control is an added plus! Being able to do this in two languages is even better. Comcast also offers streaming, so with all the devices we have, it’s great to be able to use only one service to access all the programs on all your devices wherever you are. Even Netflix has joined Comcast  Xfinity X1!

Comcast Xfinity Homeq

Xfinity1 has undeniable great features that have won me over:

Xfinity Voice Remote is a fun and easy way to search for networks, shows, and movies, set DVR recordings, change the channel, get recommendations, navigate Xfinity On Demand and more, all with English or Spanish vocal commands.


Integrated Xfinity apps allow you to follow your favorite team while watching another show, bring your Facebook feed or photos up on the big screen, play your Pandora playlist, check the weather, and more.


Common Sense Media are integrated ratings and reviews that help parents determine what content is appropriate for different ages.

Kids Zone is a safe and secure place for kids to independently explore their favorite content and discover new programming.

X1 DVR with cloud technology lets you stream DVR recordings and live television on mobile devices (great for setting up a second screen for your kids).

What is also awesome is that you can visit their new state of the art stores and their wonderful customer service team will set you up.

San Francisco Xfinity Store locations: 

  • 2186 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94115 

And here is their #beautifullyBillingual ad!




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