Choosing sadness over anger

We often rebel against sadness by becoming angry. Being angry entitles us to blame someone else for our misfortunes, while sadness allows us to accept and take responsibility for our feelings and ourselves.

Acknowledging that we are sad about something helps us understand ourselves and our situation better and the tendency to blame is lessened. Anger begets anger while sadness is much more sensible and constructive.

If I’m angry, I will be blinded and won’t see what part I played in the ordeal. If I’m sad, I’ll be more open to exploring the cause and ways to move on.

It may take a long time to heal from sadness, but anger lasts longer since it locks us down in a vicious circle of blame that keeps us stuck stubbornly believing we are right and they are wrong.

However, when we are sad, we will pull through as we try to make sense of the cause of our unhappiness. So, I choose sadness over anger. It’s a healthier more natural, rational feeling that’s much more productive.

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