Home is wherever your heart is: truth!

They say home is where the heart is, however, our hearts can be in many places. Love finds a home when it’s reciprocated and it finds a bond.

This is the case with Drew. The pup I spent 9 months with, and my friends, at their home. A loving place, a bubble of love and positive vibes. Drew and I became very close and since then my heart is where she is. She stole my heart with her loving eyes and her company in my darkest moments. She pumped my heart back to life.

Now, after not having seen her for almost 4 months, on Friday I came back to keep her company, or rather the reverse. On seeing each other the joy was mutual: we hugged, cuddled and I felt back at home with her.

We don’t choose where our home is, rather our hearts do.


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