Dare to dream

Many years ago I didn’t dream about getting to better places until a friend told me to dare to dream, to imagine things I wanted and that eventually those things would materialize. It was hard at first. I had to actually allow myself to imagine getting even the simplest of things. Most were not even material. Looking back now, daring to dream in fact brought me to better places.

When I turned 30 I wished to make a living doing what I loved and 6 months later I got it. Before that, I was finally able to imagine living alone and this too was possible. I was the only one standing in the way by not dreaming.

Now I realize that if we don’t imagine or dream up things we want, we won’t move in that direction. We’ll just drift and stay stuck. When we imagine ourselves in a position, in a home we’d love, in an emotional place we want to get to, all these things can actually happen. But I don’t mean ridiculous dreaming like having a mansion or hitting the lottery. I mean realistic dreaming. Things that you see yourself will bring you joy.

My dreams, to some, may sound pretty basic and simple, but to me, they mean the world.

Dream up a life you want and unconsciously it will become a goal and you will eventually attain it. This dreaming, as a result, will keep your spirits up and will instill in you a more positive attitude towards life.

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