Enthusiasm is contagious

I’ve been blessed with friends who are so alive and enthusiastic that it’s almost impossible not to feel the same way after spending some time with them. Enthusiasm is contagious; at least, that’s how it plays out for me.

Luckily, the same thing doesn’t happen with people who are negative. I’ve realized that I can fall through that crack easily and therefore now I choose to take negativity more lightly and not allow it to flood me.

Enthusiasm cancels out negativity and makes you high, and this is what I’m after, the high. When I teach, I get this high too and this is why it’s my lifesaver. A job well done, connecting with people, bringing enthusiasm to the class, is motivating and exhilarating.

A life lived without enthusiasm is a half-lived life. Of course, we have our downs, I do, plenty, but I’m ready to pick right off anytime, and choose enthusiasm, surrounding myself with it.

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