Dull winter skin? No problem!

Do I believe in overnight miracles? No. But I do believe in improvement, especially in the winter months when the extreme temperatures make our skin dull and dried out. It is at this time that a little extra care and pampering will brighten our looks.

Going the extra mile, besides moisturizing with our favorite cream, will make our skin look and feel softer. In my quest, I have found two products that help do away with dull looking skin.

Skin Nourish Mask by Bobbi Brown.

This light yet creamy mask soothes dry skin. It leaves your skin moisturized and soft.

Apply a generous amount and leave it on for 5 minutes. Wipe off with a tissue and then with your fingertips, rub gently what’s left of the creamy formula all over your face. You can do it daily or every other day. No greasy feel.

SRP: $47 

Screenshot 2016-01-26 17.45.30

7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula by Clinique.

This creamy scrub-cream formula de-flakes and clears your pores to allow for a new more radiant skin. It leaves your skin feeling clean and clear.

Rub very gently and then remove with lukewarm water. Then follow with your favorite moisturizer.

I would do it at least twice a week for starters. I like to give new products a rest until I am sure my skin can handle it since skin in winter is a bit more delicate.


If you try them, let me know your thoughts!

Full disclosure: Neither the author nor On Life and Hope y todo lo demás received compensation from the brands mentioned in the article.The author received samples and her opinions are hers only.

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