42 Lessons life has taught me.

Some people may grow old and never learn any useful lessons or mature, remaining forever kids. Which is not a bad thing as long as that’s what makes them happy and it doesn’t have any negative repercussions to those around them.

I can humbly say that I have both matured in some ways and in others I have remained a kid. Not a bad combination, yet I have learnt to deal with and see life differently now that I am halfway through my life.

The lessons I’ve learnt the hard and not so hard way:

  1. Be genuine. Don’t try to please people. It’s exhausting and a waste of time.
  2. Worrying constantly about what is ahead takes me nowhere. Focusing on the job at hand and giving it my best shot is all I can do.
  3. Life is not black and white; there is also the alternate gray.
  4. I’m human and it’s OK to make mistakes.
  5. Love drives us crazy.
  6. Never say never.
  7. Be careful whom you condemn, you might end up eating humble pie.
  8. “You are too nice,” is not something I should feel insulted by.
  9. Accepting love and compliments is OK.
  10.  It’s better to be seen as nice and stupid that a complete asshole.
  11. I have to detach from my ego in order to free myself from holding grudges.
  12. Not everyone has to like me.
  13. I’m no saint and it’s also OK. I have interesting stories to share.
  14.  Saying “no,” is an option and my own right. People can choose to be offended if they please.
  15.  It’s OK to love someone even if they don’t love me.
  16. If someone rejects me, that doesn’t mean that I’m unlovable.
  17. One important quality to nurture is empathy, even if it sometimes hurts.
  18. Life owes me nothing. Most of my happiness depends on myself, not on others.
  19. I don’t need other’s constant approval to feel good about myself.
  20. Being shy is not a sin.
  21. Getting angry and voicing my anger is fine. As long as I measure my words so as not to attack but express why I’m hurt.
  22. I have to accept people I care for as they are. They are as imperfect as I am.
  23. In the end what really matters is the company you keep, good friends and family.
  24. I don’t need to do grand things to be happy.
  25. Loss hurts and it’s a long process. Some days are tougher than others and this doesn’t make me a crazy person.
  26. Friendship is underrated.
  27. Marriage is overrated.
  28. I will always have that empty void, I just have to acknowledge it and keep going.
  29. People will let me down and so will I.
  30. When things get hard, true colors come up fast!
  31. “I love you” has many different meanings and interpretations.
  32. Patience is a wonderful gift.
  33.  When I am with someone, I’m there fully, no phone, nothing. I missed so many moments staring at my phone when I was with people, that I missed the chance to connect fully.
  34. Working at what I love even if I make little is priceless and freedom.
  35. Complaining fixes nothing, it gets boring and darkens what could be an amazing moment.
  36. Compassion is one of the most important traits to nurture and practice.
  37. Try to do things myself first and when I can’t, I can ask for help.
  38. It’s OK to reach out to friends when in crisis.
  39. Curling into a ball and hiding from the world works occasionally. Getting out there, no matter how sad you feel is a better antidote.
  40. Nothing really matters so much because life simply goes on, no matter how you feel.
  41. The hardest lesson is detachment from things I cannot control. When I can detach, great things happen.
  42. I’m as alone as everyone else. In the end, we’re all we’ve got, so we should take care of ourselves and charitable.

What are your lessons?

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