22 Warning signs that he/she isn’t into you or right for you.

This may also work both ways men and women alike, but as a woman with many friends of all walks of life, and after having spent time going over the sorrows of other people’s relationships, the hard truth is that there are signs we outsiders recognize all too easily, often because either we’ve been there and done that, or because we have a long life behind us that has taught us a lot about love, and relationship wins and failures.

  1. He doesn’t call for a week, alleging he is very busy. When you are into someone you always find the time. At the start of the relationship when one is on the pink cloud there is no room for an excuse such as that.
  2. He says he is not ready to commit.
  3. He says he wants to take things slowly.
  4. He says he really cares about you, but he never does this face to face. Just in texts or during or after sex.
  5. When he is with you, he is so attached to his phone, you feel uncomfortable. I don’t care if this is the new age of texting when you start a relationship; there is nobody more important than the person in front of you. All else takes a backstage.
  6. He doesn’t tell you about some future plan, even of it’s the simple plan of going to a movie.
  7. He only talks about himself and rarely asks you questions.
  8. He only talks about his job. This just shows he is insecure and he needs a lot of validation. You will end up having to feed his ego constantly.
  9. He lacks charity or empathy. This is easy to spot. He makes fun of people who have it rough or makes demeaning remarks.
  10. He tries to fix you.
  11. He is always late.’
  12. You always go Dutch.
  13. He spends more time on his hobbies than with you.
  14. His main pastime is watching TV.
  15. He smokes pot constantly. Someone like this cannot be emotionally available to you.
  16. He showers you in gifts but won’t cuddle or hug you.
  17. He makes plans without letting you know. You are an afterthought.
  18. You send him a text or e-mail and he doesn’t respond in a week or more.
  19. He has barely any friends. That is just weird.
  20. He has way too many female friends and spends lots of time with them.
  21. He is irresponsible.
  22. He is married. (alarm!).
  23. Add yours here……

2 thoughts on “22 Warning signs that he/she isn’t into you or right for you.

  1. Delfin

    Let me add: 1. He is always drunk 2. He prefers to be with his mother 3. He eats you out of house and home 4. He masturbates a lot 5. Forgets your name three out of four times 6. Has three children with three different women

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