Abrupt changes and your health.

We all know that stress affects our health and immune system. Too much of something can do this, in this case, too much abrupt change. I am now, finally sick, the flu and a few other minor health issues are calling out to me so that I can heal and take care of myself.In a month, I have changed home, neighborhood, routines, job and have had to adapt abruptly. This has obviously been very stressful, but when you are in the midst of all the turmoil, you just don’t realize it and when things finally calm down, your body decides to shut down and say: Halt! Take a breath and take care of yourself now.

While I am adapting to my new life very fast physically, my brain seems to be lagging behind. The brain doesn’t like novelty too much; it needs to know it is safe, that there is a routine to fall back on for it to think clearly. Changes also hit our identity. When you were once “two,” going back to “one” takes some adjustment.

Our bodies, our temples, are wise and know that if you push too hard, our brains may not be ready so it lets it know by having us fall sick.

Change is not easy; it’s keeping a mind-body balance. You may move to another city, but your brain takes longer to move and makes the emotional adjustment. However, change is also very welcome and a breath of fresh air.

Be kind to yourself through the transition and know that the calm is slow to come, but it will eventually get to where you are and you’ll feel safe and at home again in your new life.

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