The worst feelings in the world.

The worst feelings in the world are feeling unloved or lonely. Even if it’s mutual, when someone actually says to you “I can’t live with someone I no longer love,” it hits you like a rock in the stomach. 

You may not love the person anymore, but there is some etiquette to follow, some other way to let someone know you don’t love them anymore. It is true that I no longer love him either, especially the way things have turned out in the last few days, but I cannot fathom someone being so brutal about it.

I try to spare people needless pain. But that’s me. I would have opted to explain why we had come to this, talk about it nicely and part with a clean slate. But you cannot ask someone who is not a communicator to do that.

I shouldn’t be surprised by now but I am, and I try to be understanding especially coming from someone who can’t talk feelings and avoids them at all costs.

I’m sorry it ended this way. So fast, so carelessly, with loose ends, yet happy I don’t have to live with someone who is so thoughtless when it comes to expressing himself.

Thank you life for letting me move on.

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