What friendships are made of.

We have friends and buddies. Buddies are the ones who share time with you on rare occasions and serve the purpose of company when drinking, an outing or when you just want to hang and not have to get into deep conversations. These you really know Little about and really don’t care that much. I have few if any of those since my drinking and partying days are over.

Friends are a different color altogether. Friends are, in my book:

-Those who worry and care about you.

-Who don’t look at their watch and can’t wait to get away, on the contrary, time passes and they don’t realize the time and rarely check their watch to see what’s next on their agenda.

-They look forward to seeing you, spending time with you and are genuinely interested in your life, opinions and how you are doing.

-Friends will answer texts even to acknowledge receipt and plan to get back later.

– Friends share common interests, not all, but some.

-Friends, as we age, are those you attract because of how and who you are. The older, the more you are yourself with no reservations, these are the genuine friendships which will last a lifetime.

-Friends communicate and are interested in your opinions.

-Friends are flexible, and like any good relationship, it’s a give and take.

-You tell them how you feel without fearing they will reject you or feel differently about you.

-You accept friends as they are, with their flaws as well as their attributes.

-Friends are there for you. Maybe not always available, but they let you know they would if they could. Life is complicated.

-Friends are respectful and don’t make fun of your mistakes.

-Friends will not force opinions or advice on you.

And the list goes on. However, the most important to me is respect for the other and kindness, lots of it.

What’s on your list?

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