Look into the abyss, shrug off your fears and jump!

change, Abyss, jumping, hope, adventure

Look into the abyss, shrug off your fears and jump!  by shutterstock photo

At some point in life we all find ourselves looking down at the abyss and wondering whether we should back track to our comfort zone, or go ahead and jump. I’ve chosen to jump!

Nothing is ever easy and if it is, it gets boring real fast. I need to move forward more than ever now, and forget that little voice in my head that tells me to stay put, that the unknown is too scary. I have now managed to ignore and silence that voice and have chosen life!

Maybe the bite will be too large to chew, but I can always break it down into little pieces and proceed, slowly but steadily in the direction of new life experiences. Why stay put and stagnant. So far, life has been good to me. I’ve had a good dose of sorrow, hardship, but the balance has always been positive at the end. If we try nothing new, we cannot complain. We have no right to.

Look into the abyss, shrug off your fears, Jump and experience life. You will be surprised at the satisfaction and happiness you find there, wherever you happen to land. 

Life ends... Shutterstock photo.

                                           Life ends… Shutterstock photo.

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